Long story short...

Making the "Jill of All Trades".

Growing up, I was never allowed to limit myself. I would run home from school and tell my dad, "Look Dad! I got a 95 on my English test this week!" Do you know how he would respond, each and every time I came home with an almost perfect score? "Looks like you have at least 5 points of improvement to work on next week." In his own way, my dad was encouraging me to do the best job possible. He never wanted me to settle, he never wanted me to say "ehh, that's good enough." 

Today, as an adult, I couldn't be more thankful to my father for instilling in me that sort of work ethic. It's a part of my DNA, I can't help but give everything I do everything I've got. I'm a creative director, brand developer, a marketing MacGyver, a digital strategist, a photographer, a videographer, a customer relations specialist, and at the end of the day, an all round, hard-working "JIll Of All Trades".

I've spent just shy of a decade in the "corporate world", working as a researcher, educational meeting planner, relationship builder, marketing specialist, brand manager, and creative director. While working a full time job, I've continued to develop and grow my skills by reaching out to local families, companies, boutiques, and bloggers to help them fill their photo albums, develop their businesses, and grow their online presence. I have learned a little from all of those areas I've dabbled, and honed my skill set to use bits and pieces from each area to establish my overall "creative" process and business strategy.

I am truly right brained-left brained, there's no doubt about it! I'm creative at my core, but think with a strong analytical mind. I look at everything from the eye of the beholder, and the users experience is more important to me than any thing else. I might be considered a "corporate junky" among my creative friends because I don't do things for the sake of creativity. I am a strategic thinker, with a creative flair, following the data, the analytics, the numbers, and the customer's voice in order to design, develop, and strategize.

The customer is always right, even if they aren't always the most creative, hip, or innovative. Don't get me wrong, I love innovation and new approaches to doing things, but if it's not working, it's not working, even if it is a cool trick. I like to step in to the mind's eye of the target audience and experience interactions from their perspective, designing and evolving as needed. I continue to work with with my customer as long as needed, until they're satisfied and seeing what they're hoping to see from their product or brand. My goals aren't met, until yours are, and believe me I am a goal oriented person! 

If you'd like to get to know me better, my interests, hobbies, and what I like to do on a daily basis, head over to my blog, Capital Confessions, and read about my latest recipe, craft, or adventure.